Thursday, March 25, 2010

Card trick or Confession?

I'm addicted to paint chips.  Bad.  Have been for years.

As far as addictions go, it's a pretty good one.  Chips are small (easily transported/stored), free, and only available in well-lit places that close at decent hours, so I'm not creeping around at all hours of the night nor do I have to hide my face when I'm getting my chip fix.  It's not every week or even every month that I go chipping, however, I'm often amazed at how fast a chip attack can sneak up on me!  Let's just take today for example.  I needed a couple of things from the local home improvement mega-store.  I planned on swinging in, swinging out on my way home from work.  Well, by total accident, I swung by the paint chips and nearly gave myself whiplash!  My only complaint about many of my paint chips are that they are just too small.  I love them all, but I would love them more if they were BIGGER!  And what to my wondering eyes should appear?  Have a look for yourself:

supersized Glidden paint chips

That's right.  SUPERSIZED paint chips in lucious colors like Lucky Shamrock, Spring Leaf, Juicy Cantaloupe, Refreshing Mimosa and Fresh Pineapple.  omg.  Needless to say, I came home with more than these 5 pretties.  There's really no need to show you the whole stack (mainly because I'm still embracing them), but let's just say I needed both jacket pockets to get them out of there! 

I warned you I wasn't quite right so I'm not even going to start telling you all the perfectly good reasons a person might need hundreds of paint chips.  I just need them.  Like the flowers need the rain.  Period.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the UPS man brought two huge boxes containing the rest of my new sunroom furniture. It took a couple of hours to put the chairs together, but it's going to be worth the trouble.  I'm already extremely pleased with the sectional in place of the chair and loveseat arrangement I had before (donated to Project Nana).  The sectional is plenty long enough to stretch out and take a big siesta on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  In other words, Perfect.

I'm still shuffling things around in there but you get the idea.  Hubby is going to build a two-tier bench for the area to the right where the vines are now.  The room won't be totally put together until he gets a 'round tuit' and starts  finishes the bench.  I have four Sekas pieces I'd like to turn into pillow covers.  You can see the one of Fall Leaves in the right corner of the sofa above.  Beehives and Pine Trees are stitched also.  It wouldn't take me any time to stitch the Birdhouse companion piece and then I would have the four seasons covered.  If only I knew how to make pillow covers, I'd be in silk britches and tall cotton.

I'm off to start a little laundry and to put a few stitches in a my NOEL sampler, since it is the 25th and all.

Hope you all have a very stitchy weekend!


  1. oh what a delightful room to sit and admire paint chips, nap, or stitch!
    nicely decorated

  2. What lovely new furniture! Enjoyed your revamped room!

  3. Love your paint chip colors!! And I also am intrigued by your stitching shirt...I have the same fact, I'm trying to make it a stitching smock -- big oversized white shirt that I can wear over my clothes of the day...I've been on the hunt for just the right shirt because I don't want to do all that work on something that's just OK...I plan to add to it little by little -- stitching it bits of the projects and life that are happening at the time...maybe we can do it together?? But I still have to find a shirt...