Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jacob's Journey

Sometimes I am going along my merry way and get smacked upside the head with a healthy dose of  "You were wrong when you thought such and so was important.  This is important."

Here's one of those things.

A friend of a friend anxiously awaiting the birth of her second child:

Kathy is a lady who should be experiencing the joy of welcoming a new baby, instead, she is experiencing worry and hope along with the anxiety of moving out of state until baby Jacob is born.  Jacob has a rare heart condition and will undergo several surgeries and hopefully at some point, a heart transplant.  Above is a link to their blog and a place to donate.  The family will have to stay in PA as baby Jacob will have to remain in the hospital for a while.

Please check it out, donate if you are lead to, and please keep them in your prayers.

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