Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter week

Popping in real quick to say I hope you all have an extraordinary weekend filled with holiday traditions and family fun.  This past week has been a blur for me.  Out of town family have been visiting but I haven't been able to take off much from work so my days have just been zipping right by me.  Actually, my weeks have been zipping right by me of late.  If the first three months of the year have been any indication, I might as well start Christmas shopping now.

No stitching updates - at all. :-(

At work, I was asked to provide a few photographs of my work city to headquarters for our national website.  I was pretty excited about it.  If nothing else, it got me out of the office for an hour.  Here are a few of the shots:

Can you see the sternwheeler in the background?

old Chesapeake and Ohio train depot

historic Alban Arts theatre on Main Street (in sepia tones)

Hope you've enjoyed this mini-tour of my small town USA. 

I promise to not come back without some stitching to share! 

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