Sunday, March 14, 2010

Luck O' the Irish

According to the records, I am a tad Irish, but truth be told, it's hubs and sis who could fall into a vat of manure and come out smelling like Irish Roses.  Seriously.  It can be depressing when your two best friends are the luckiest s.o.b.s in six counties and the only thing you ever win is the jury duty lottery.

Look what I came home to find the other evening:

Rainbow over the Dave Cave

Proof that hubby lives at the end of a rainbow.

Wishing you a kiss o' Irish luck this week!


  1. Tee-Hee, I know I had one at my house Friday too. It made me all giddy inside!--the sis. ;-)

  2. Love your banner but you rainbow is GRAND! Lucky you!