Saturday, March 20, 2010


It seems like forever since I had any stitching to post, and I'm pretty sure if anyone out there is still reading this little blog o' mine, you must be convinced that I'm on a stitcher's strike of some kind.  Truth is, I've been tired!  This old girl isn't the bundle of energy she used to be and I just needed to rest awhile.  But, I'M BAAAACK!

Before the month gets totally away from us, I wanted to share my only St. Patty's Day stitching with you:

Heart in Hand, Monthly Mania, MARCH
"G" coffee sleeve

The March leprechaun fits inside a little wooden trivet.  I love his little crooked smile and "whiskey" colored beard.  Of the whole Heart in Hand monthly mania series, I only stitched March, October (seen in the upper right of the photo below)

and June, which is a gorgeous dragonfly I stitched onto a nightshirt many moons ago for my ever so spoiled sister.  October is also stitched to fit in my little wooden trivet.  It's really not like me to pick and choose just a few patterns from a monthly series and not stitch the whole series, but that's what happened in this case.  No explanation really except I thought the other months were a lot of stitching and I wasn't completely wild about the other 9 designs.  I can however see myself going back and stitching the December design some day.  It's a darling Santa.

The coffee sleeve above is something I've been meaning to make for myself and family/friends for a long, long time but just never seemed to get around to it.  So finally (!),  I did what ever self-respecting workaholic does, I found a way to make it work related in order to "get 'er done", as they say.  How, pray tell, do you make crafting work related, you ask?  Simple!  I put on a "Lunch and Learn" lecture about Presentation Skills and after the lecture, I did a 7 minute demonstration presentation on Saving the Planet One Coffee Sleeve At a Time.  It was fun, I got my coffee sleeve, so did everyone else, and now we're all saving the planet, one coffee sleeve at a time.  There are tons of great coffee sleeve (or cuff/cozie) tutorials on the web in case you are interested in joining us saving the planet.  For mine, I used one sheet of regular felt, one sheet of fleece, one store-bought iron-on monogram, a little white floss and some fabri-tac glue. I don't need fancy.  Functional is fine by me.

Well that's it for me today.  I hope you are still stitching, wherever you are and wherever you are is beginning to show signs of life!

Happy First Day of SPRING!


  1. Kudos for making the stitching work related! Great manipulation on your part! ;)


  2. marnie it is difficult to get your blog to accept comments
    i have tried many times
    i keep trying
    but i eventually give up each time
    i do not know why it is only yours and afew other blogs
    smiles corinna

  3. omg it finally took it
    even as anonymous
    it would not take it a few weeks ago
    wheter or not it is your blog or my computer
    i do not know
    but i am following along
    nice holiday stitches
    more smiles

  4. Hi Corinna,
    Sorry you've been having trouble posting comments here. I really enjoy hearing from you though and hope the problem resolves itself quickly! Thanks for visiting!!!