Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Be Still WIP and strange goings-ons

A few weeks back, I started a little quickie for "Project Nana" but to be honest, I like it so much, I might need to keep it.  Maybe just for a little while...

My Big Toe Designs (click for more designs)

Pattern cover art on left                                                    My progress on right

I changed the thread colors a wee bit.  The verse on the right is stitched in Crescent Colours Wisconsin Woods.  I like CC WW soooooo much for wording.  It's pretty near perfect for my taste.

On the home front, a strange thing has been going on since hubby and I have been so busy at MILs.  It seems Carmen has developed quite the penchant for hats.  Yes, hats.  And fancy ones at that! 

A new one seems to arrive daily in boxes marked "Deliver by May 1".  May 1?  Doesn't she know Easter is April 4th?  

Stranger yet, she has been receiving some very, let's just say, fannn-CEEEEE garments in the mail from an anonymous source, always postmarked Indiana.  Strange I tell ya.  Strange.

I have no Earthly idea what this K9 of mine could be up to but maybe I'd rather not know.  They grow up so fast.  It seems just like yesterday when I had clean carpets, free time and discretionary income.  Now I have a "college fund" for a certain d.o.g. but instead of books and tuition, it's for Chem-Dry carpet cleanings, prescription dog food, K-9 thyroid medicine, and the occasional sugar-free vanilla frozen yogurt.

Oh well.  At least someone is having fun!

Next time you hear from me I hope to have a finish to share.

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