Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vote for Millie

My niece Millie would really appreciate your support in this weeks pet photo contest over at  She is in voting period 10, which starts Friday, March 12th and runs through Thursday, March 18th. 


Voting only takes a minute.  The Grand Prize winner gets $10,000 for the pet charity of their choice.  Millie's charity would be a local no-kill shelter, Little Victories.

And, she promises to remember all the little people, if she wins!


  1. Hi everybody, It's Millie's MOM, her contest number is #1002107, and the addy is!!!!
    Let's make my girl a WINNER!

  2. Gorgeous, georgeous! While my love for Carmen reamins true, I will most certainly sned my vote Millie's way!

    With love from your pal,