Thursday, March 4, 2010

Next time around

Do you ever think about reincarnation?  It's not in my personal belief set, but sometimes I find myself considering the possibilities....

What if the Ruler of the Universe looked down from His heaven one day and said, "Um, Marnie. You are going to try this again, but this time, let's try a little harder, shall we?  Pick a persona/lifestyle you think you'd be good at.  You've got three seconds."

A couple of lifestyles come to mind immediately.  (cue the songbirds)

I could see myself living the Martha Stewart life (in New England, not prison).  Plucking beautiful and ripe things from my garden, collecting fresh eggs from the hen house for breakfast, and antique shopping the afternoons away, after tea of course.  Summers would be spent at the Cape but I would have to winter in the South, naturally.  Who doesn't, right?

The polar opposite of my NE life is my Tuscon Arizona bohemian artist life.  Barefoot and always dressed in a tshirt and long flowing but not fussy hippy skirt, hair in a perpetual ponytail, or naturally curly, dried by the sun.  I would spend my days reading inspirational writings, collaborating with other artists in my community (or commune) and creating original textile or gemstone art.

Then there is the country club me.  The one that gets up before the chickens to have quality time at the driving range before the "hacks" show up.  I would walk the course 5 days a week, pulling my clubs behind, dressed in my best Lilly Pulitzer pink and green golf duds.  After my daily chicken salad croissant for lunch, I'd be off to the woman's club for an afternoon of gossip and stitching.  On the weekends, I'd give walking tours through the historic district.

Possibly my favorite make-believe-me is a writer for a high priced Travel magazine.  I'd know all the major (and most the minor) airport layouts by heart, own four sets of luggage, stay in the best resorts and hotels in the world, for free, while be catered to by the resort staff, and get paid to write about the experience.  In my free time, I would study world history, art and languages. 

Lastly, there is the aristocrat me.  Aahhh yes, the Princess Fantasy....  I would definitely be the horseback riding/philanthropist/topless on the Italian Riveria/birthday dancing with John Travolta kind of princess.  I'm actually already halfway prepared to be a Princess since I'm married to a Prince!  (sorry, I should have warned you that was coming)

Yes, I think I'll go with Princess Marnie, you know, just in case the Big Guy asks.  ;-)

A few lifestyles on my "Not on a Dare" list: 
  • Junior High School Teacher (I'm already crazy thanks)
  • Ski Bunny (bbrrrrrr, pass the ChapStick please)
  • Nurse (love them just don't want to be them)
  • any kind of Celebrity (with the Princess exception)
  • Alligator wrestler (for obvious reasons)
  • Flight Attendant (in spite of the Irish thing, I'm really not that lucky)

Well, I think that's about enough day dreaming for one day. 

Have a great one friends, wherever you are!


  1. Love your "Not on a Dare" list. Hilarious!

  2. I think you've started something. I've been thinking a lot lately about alternative lifestyles. I doubt the life I'm living would ever show up on someone else's list! I'll have to get my fantasies down on paper as well as my "not on a dare" list.

  3. Great post! Love it.

    Hey, M, head over to Craftaholics Anonymous. There is a grapevine wreath in explosive spring colors with felted flowers. Made me think of you. Cin

  4. Cindy, Thanks for the suggestion to CA. I have already spent some quality time looking at her site. NICE!