Thursday, February 26, 2009

WIP update and other stuff too

Yesterday was Christmas stitching but until March 25th, it's back to our regularly scheduled programming! I think it was here that I confessed having too may WIPs, etc, etc, and that I was going to make a strident effort toward reducing said WIPs, etc, etc. And that was, um, let's see, AUGUST! Okay. So, I don't know what is up with that but I think I'm going to fire my Life Coach! It's now almost MARCH and the clock is tickin' toward my EGA chapter's biennial exhibit. And, so help me, if I don't have this sampler done for that show, well, somebody ought to beat me. The current status is "frogging". I decided the lettering had too much pink in the overdyed silk, so I'm cutting out the silk (Zowie, that smarts!). I've restitched most of the top line in my favorite blue/green Thread Gatherer Silk N' Colors color called Forrest of Greens. What do you think? It's much more "peacocky", I think.

Not a great photo, but you can see how the subdued tones of the top line don't shock your eye as much as the bright pink in the second line. I may be sorry for it once I've frogged it all and re-stitched, but I don't think so.

On the home front, my one and only K-9 child has taken up a new daytime hobby, Pantry-Pilfering. Exhibit A:

This is just her latest work. There have been several Ritz cracker boxes, some rice bags, maybe a bag of black beans too. I know, I know....if I could just remember to close the pantry door, there wouldn't be the problem.

With a face like this, how can you be mad?

Next post will be the BIG REVEAL of my "sweetest thing ever". Stay tuned...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

De-stash Winner and Christmas stitching

I consulted the oracle ( and the results were as follows:

List Randomizer

There were 3 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
1.) Vera

Congratulations Vera! I'll bring your little goodies Monday, if I don't see you before then!
Hopefully, you can find a good use for these little odds and ends.

I love reading comments from you and others on this blog, my little "country-fried" corner of cyberspace. Hugs to everyone who pops in here from time to time.

Since it is the 25th (Yeah!), I must be Christmas stitching tonight! I'm going to start Noel by Sisters and Best Friends. Isn't it as sweet as it is simple? It's a shame that these girls have split up. I hear they are designing separately now, so you might want to go ahead a buy any S&BFs charts you've been putting off. When they are gone, they are gone.

Ho Ho Ho everybody!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Raspberry Water

Hi Kids! Deputy Commissioner of Crazy here, checking in. I know I've been working a lot and not stitching so much but Crazytown does NOT run itself, people!

I'm happy to report that every last stick of furniture and piece of paper has been successfully moved from my old office location into the new. We are only a few blocks away geographically from the old space, but WOW what a difference a weekend can make. I guess you don't notice how horrible your working conditions are until you actually look up, or wander into Dermatology by accident (Grey's Anatomy), but let me tell you folks, I feel like we've moved from the basement of a County General ER into an L.A. Plastic Surgeon penthouse suite! No more making do with hand-me-downs, broken cabinets, wobbly toilets, sewer gases, no natural light, etc. No sir. We are now in a brightly lit, cheerfully painted, self flushing, fully stocked, security camera-ed, intercom connected environ. I honestly feel like Christina Yang, sitting on that sofa in Dermatology, pointing and saying, "Look! They have raspberry water here!" The move has so lifted my spirits that I stopped at the grocery extra early yesterday morning to stock up on fresh fruit. I wanted each table in the breakroom to have a beautiful bowl of fresh fruit on it when the staff arrived, along with the latest editions of BH&G, Oprah and few other happy mags. It was bee u tee ful. (quick, get the camera, it won't stay like this for long!)

I have been working a wee bit on a tiny tiny project, and let me ask you this, what is it about the Creative Process that throws our otherwise systematic, rational brains into some kind of psychodelic warp gear that allows things like this happen to otherwise orderly places:

I've blurred out the actual piece because I hope to be able to reveal it at the same time I share with you one of the sweetest things my hubby has EVER done for me. I'll give you one hint. Just one. No more, don't even ask. It is........related to.......stitching. You probably had that one figured out though, huh?

I just so happen to be enjoying the mandatory 8:30 pm Creativity Ice Cream Break at the moment and have decided, at the risk of causing a shortage, to share with you the brand and flavor of the M-DICE, Most Delicious Ice Cream on Earth. The M-DICE is:

by Blue Bunny. Blue Bunny is a Wal-Mart brand, so don't look for it elsewhere. Even if you hate the place, if you enjoy a good mug of ice cream as much as I do, you would drive 100 miles out of your way for a 1/2 gallon of this heavenly concoction. I-heart-bordeaux cherry chocolate.

Speaking of ice cream, today was the first day of my Stitching Diet. As I told you earlier, my new office is located within a stone's throw of my favorite LNS (sing it with me now, "Zippity Do Dah, Zippity Eh!"), so I've decided that I'll skip lunch twice a week and walk up to the shop for some sit and stitch! How great is that? Stitching; in the MIDDLE of the DAY!!!! Depending on the week, I may only get up there once, but I'm aiming for twice. It's very exciting to me. It'll be like having an affair on my housebound WIPs. Look out boys, Mama's got an "away game" now. I've decided that my first away game will be the Sekas dragonfly checkboard for my XSDNs* in TX. And I've already been making eyes at a couple of other potential away game candidates. We will just have to see about that when the time comes. (XSDN=extra special darling neices)

Speaking of the best things on Earth, have you seen the Quaker snack sized Ranch flavored rice cakes? OMG. Over the course of the last fifteen years, I have tried off and on to like rice cakes. If only I could learn to enjoy these things as a snack, maybe just maybe, all my problems would be solved. Alas, no brand, no flavor, no way, UNTIL TODAY! I don't know how long these things have been on the shelves, but let me tell you, I-heart-Quaker Ranch snack rice cakes.

So, on any given Tuesday/Thursday, around lunchtime, you can find me and my raspberry water hanging out at my LNS, stitching, snacking on rice cakes, and happy as a hog in slop.

The 25th of the month is quickly becoming a highlight in my month. Ever since I got Jingle All the Way stitched up during the January Christmas stitch along, I've hardly been able to contain my enthusiasm! I spied a Jim Shore 12 Days of Christmas book at the LNS the other day. Have you seen this book yet? It's special! The thought crossed my mind that I could make the 12 days my 12 Christmas Stitch Along projects for the year, but if I had any plans on getting these ornaments stitched before Christmas, it would require a lot more time and attention than one stitch along a month. So I'm waffle-ing (hey Coni, waffles!). I am enjoying my semi-structured (without pinchy rules) stitching system and don't want to be cornered into stitching a MEGA 12 month plus project right now, on my one day a month. On the other hand, I love those Jim Shore 12 Days! I've been keeping an eye out for just the right 12 Days pattern. Thought it might be Cross Eyed Cricket, very cute, very cute indeed. But now I'm waffle-ing. Pondering pondering; your input is welcome.

In closing, my mojo make-over must be going to my head, but I'm considering having a stash reduction grab bag give-away, if there would be any interested parties. Parties? Give-away? Interested? If yes, post a comment before I blog again. I'm thinking the 25th would be a great day for a give-away.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I'm in shock! Someone get the smelling salts! HURRY! When I logged in this morning, I discovered that Tracy over at the Dancing Needle blog had selected ME as her Lizzie Kate stash give-away winner!!! That's ALL twelve months AND the charms to go with!!! I'm in heaven.

Couldn't you just die? Many many thanks to Tracy and her contribution to my ongoing love affair with L*K.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

Hope everyone enjoys some lovin' or at least some heavy likin' this weekend. No stitching for me; office relocation will be taking up my entire weekend. That's ok though because my new office is just a hop, skip and a jump away from my favorit-est LNS! Darn the luck. Now, if I could just get my LNS to install an espresso station, I would be in TALL cotton! For all my non-Southern speaking friends, that means you are in a very favorable, comfortable or otherwise beneficial position or place. Feel free to impress your friends by working it into your vocabulary today! ;-D

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I don't know what we've done to *%!@# Mother Nature off, but the 70 mile per hour winds brought this to bear at my house this evening:

Hubby (and his truck) is crushed. Poor guy. For many years he admired all the other guys trucks and finally got this little used pick-up not too long ago.

In the short time he has had it, it has brought him (and the d.o.g.) much joy. Not sure if insurance will cover the damage or not. But I do know hubby will be in mourning until such time he's able to have another little weekend run-about.

In lieu of flowers, you may express your sympathy with a donation to the new truck fund. :-(

Sunday, February 8, 2009

and the headline read..."Jail Break"

I could tell from the urgency in Carrot's voice that whatever he was on the phone about was going to require human help. And, I was right. As soon as he was off the phone, he launched into this big story about how when he was being held hostage in the PIG Place, a group of "surly" threads made friends with him and now they really needed my help. He went on and on about how when they were all locked up together, Chocolate (seems to the be ring leader) could talk about nothing but getting back to Nashville and how much it would mean to his whole gang to get back there before June.

Hum, Nashville? June? Strange. Could these felonious fibers be talking about Share-A-Stitch? Now my curiosity was duly peaked. "Okay, Carrot. I guess what you are telling me is that you want me to spring your friends from the maximum security PHF (Project Holding Facility, a.k.a. Martha Stewart under bed storage box)"? He nodded excitedly. Fine. You drive, I'll spring.

All I had to do was crack the lid of the PIG Place and ZOOOMMMMM! Holy Toledo! I only caught a glimpse of the gang as they hopped into the back of what I'm guessing was a "get away car", but here's what I spied:

Casey Buonaugurio freebie

DMC threads on 28 ct. pink hand-dyed fabric

thread board by "hubby"

As they roared out of sight, I heard the ring leader exclaim ,"You the man, Carrot! Do something nice for the lady. Teacup Auction, here we come!!!" Carrot and I just looked at each other in silent astonishment. Strange I tell ya, strange.

All this rescuing and jail springing is really quiet exhilirating! Me thinks Saturdays will be known hence forth as "Free Willy" day; the day I'll help free one more PIG from the PHF. Wonder how I'd look in a mask and cape?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Escape...from Pig Pile

The phone rang just before 7:00 this morning:

Caller: (deep, rich voice) May I speak to Carrot please?
Me: Umm, sure, may I tell him who is calling?
Caller: Just tell him it's his old friend, Chocolate.
Me: Oh, ok, hold please.

Carrot: Umm, hello?
Chocolate: Hey Carrot o' buddy! How's life treating you on the outside?
Carrot: Oh hi Chocolate. It's going great, er, I mean, you know.....same stitch, different day. (long pause) How'd you get this number?
Chocolate: I got my sources. Now Carrot, me and the boys, we seen ya all over the internet, showing off your new digs.
Carrot: Really?
Chocolate: Yea, you look good Carrot.......real good. Now Carrot, I know we's from different sides of the tracks and all, you with your beta-carotene and me, well, with my sugar and caffeine, but, you know Carrot, I thought we was friends here on the inside.
Carrot: Oh yes, Chocolate, I do think we ARE friends!
Chocolate: Then here's what I need you to do for me Carrot. Are you listening? I need you to talk to your lady friend. Tell her about me and the boys. Tell her how much she would love us. Tell her about Red, you know how much she loves Red! Then tell her it is critical that she spring us out of this Pig Pile today! We don't belong in here Carrot.
Carrot: No, you are right, none of us deserved to be there.
Chocolate: So, we'll be expecting your lady friend within the hour, ok Carrot? Do you understand what I'm saying?
Carrot: Yes, I think I do. I'll do the best I can.
Chocolate: I'm counting on you. Me and the boys will be seeing you real soon. (click)

stay tuned...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Alton Brown, man of mystery

Don't you just love people who are passionate about something and not afraid to show it, no matter what the "rest" of the world thinks about them? I'm thinking of us (stitchers) but also of my BFTGEFF*, Alton Brown. I don't know what it is about this strange little man, but I can't get enough of him! So whether he's making beer butt chicken or edamame crusted tofu cakes, I tune in like my life depends on it. BUT, a few nights ago, he actually solved a mystery I've been pondering since November! Dontcha just love to figure something out that's been sitting on your brain for weeks, months or, heaven forbid, years?

Well, If you remember I posted this photo of a flower in bloom from Jamaica but didn't know what it was? Well, according to Alt, it's Ornamental Ginger!!!! Yea Ginger!!! He was doing a show about ginger (or was it rhizomes?) and there it was, my FLOWER!

Kiss kiss kiss kiss, kiss your face Alton Brown and bless the Food channel for giving you an audience. You...........complete me. (flutter)

*BFTGEFF=Best Food TV Good Eats Friend Forever

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bored with Bordeaux?

Even though yesterday was Groundhog day (stupid groundhog), today is looking a lot like "Groundhog Day", with a new batch of bad weather on the way. This trend is really on my last nerve. As a matter of fact, I think it's driving me to drink!

Allow me to introduce a friend of mine. Meet Valpolicella:

Never heard of it? I hadn't either but my BWAFF* told me there was a very good reason most Americans have never heard of it, it's harder to pronounce than Chianti. I can understand that. I'm still working on stringing three Italian syllables together, let alone 5. I digress. If you enjoy a nice middle of the road red, not too dry, not too fruity, but interesting enough to talk about, look for it on a Kroger shelf near you! If you are lucky enough to have access to a really good wine shop, it is usually found with the Tuscans although it's from Veneto.

But before you make the mistake of thinking I know what I'm talking about, let me be very clear, I'm no wine snob, but I do enjoy trying different things and learning about it. I couldn't tell ya earthy from tobaccoy, but I know what I like when I taste it.

The Fine Print: the good stuff is not a "bargain". While I've seen price points range from $11 up, if you choose to give this grape a go, in order to ensure you have a good experience, I would start with the bottles that are aged at least a year or "Classico" (around $20). I'm making red wine/mushroom steak sauce with this Bolla bottle tonight but I would spend a little more for Classico for a dinner party.

As always when cooking with wine, save a little for the recipe!

Bon Appetito!

*(BWAFF) Best Wine Aficionado Friend Forever

Sunday, February 1, 2009

and we're back!

Sorry about my novella yesterday friends. I've had my long, hot shower and my morning latte, done three loads of laundry and finished up my "Winter Storm 2009" floss tag:

Brittercup Designs freebie

Special thanks go out to Carol and Staci for making this floss tag possible! You guys ROCK!

Now, I'm off to Walmart (ugh)! Later, I am planning more electricity enjoyment activities, and I'm sending my MIL flowers!