Monday, November 30, 2015

2015 State Fair results

Back in August, I must have been so spellbound by my new granddaughter that I forgot to post State Fair results.  It had been several years since I had sent anything so I had plenty of work from which to select.  Six of the seven things I entered won ribbons.  It was a lot of fun and pretty shocking.  My work isn't the most beautiful, elaborate or technically perfect, but the judges were kind anyway..

Back row:  Ott light tote bag embellished with needlepoint panel & Ol' Glory project bag
Middle row:  Clover stumpwork oval, Tree of Life amulet necklace, Eagle framed needlepoint
Front row:  Needleworker cross stitch from Little House Needleworks 

Better pics:

The ribbons are wonderful but the prize money paid for the two trips over and back to the fairgrounds.  I think that tickled me more than the ribbons!

Until next time, Stitch Happy!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Old UFOs, New Happy Dances

Hello friends, it is I, the (unapologetic) lazy blogger... I have rediscovered my stitching mojo and made the most of it this summer/fall.  Having grown disgusted with the number of pieces I have "half-finished", I made a concerted effort to polish a few of them off before the ball drops on 2016.  And, I'm happy to report that it has been a productive season.

Primarily though, we are enjoying the newest edition to our family (granddaughter Kamrynn).  She is almost 19 weeks old and changing so much.  We are excited to visit her again in December for her first Christmas.

And, here are the stitching finishes I'm pleased as punch to share with you:

Kelly Clark Needlepoint
Irish mini stocking
too many threads and beads to list
(began in 2013)

"Turning Leaves" by Laura J. Perin
threads:  Watercolours, #5 perle cotton, metallics and beads
(began November 2013)

"Gathering Pinecones" by Hillside Samplings

In addition to these, I also finished Kamrynn's birth sampler, as well as two small huck weaving pieces taught during EGA monthly meetings.  I'll show you those three next time.  Until then,

Stitch Happy!