Saturday, February 20, 2010

Not dead yet...

Hi All!  I'm popping in really quick to say hi, check on all of you, and let you know I'm not dead....yet.  Hubby and I (mostly hubby) have been working really really hard at MIL's house to ready it for her return.  She's been with us for about 5 weeks now and is more than ready to move out.  I'm not sure if I should be insulted or not.  And, contrary to all rumors, she's not dead yet either!

my dear MIL, three years ago at her surprise 90th Birthday party

She is a delightful woman and it's been a privilege having her with us while her house was renovated.  Having not had a mother for the past 5 years, having a great mother-in-law is the next best thing.

On the stitching front, I've only got a small ditty to share:

(Sorry for the blurry photo)

Of course, I've still have to stitch the reverse, then finish the finishing, before this little beauty can join its big sister, the Peacock candle keeper, in the B&W bedroom.

MIL should be getting back to her place next week so things should return to (what we call) normal soon.

Until then, here's hoping you are warm, safe and stitching!


  1. Your MIL certainly does not look 90, what a lovely smile she has. Very pretty blue bird!

  2. Your MIL is 90 in that picture? No way! She's beautiful, and we should all be so luck to age so! Your blue bird is quite love, as well.