Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Dance!

It's a rare day that I blog twice, but it's a rare day that I have a new finish to share!

Assisi Peacock
threads:  DMC 3844 / black AVS silk
overall size: 3.25" x 9"

Honestly, not only do I love everything about this piece (the color, the black border, the bird, the overall design, the size, etc.), I fell in love with it about an hour ago when I got the circles stitched around the tail dots.

favorite part

I won't talk about how I lost my religion doing this part:


It would not have been so bad, but remember the backstitch is done lastly.  All those little quarter and eighth stitches around those grapes (without any black outlines to help) made me crave some grapes of my own!

Tomorrow, if time permits, I'm going to fashion this into a candle wrapper. 

I'll keep you posted...


  1. hooray
    such a great feeling to finish ...

  2. It looks great - and makes a great header for your blog too :o)

  3. Beautiful! That really do love that colour blue.

  4. It's lovely Marnie and the blue is radiant!!!

  5. hello I would like to know in which book do you find this beautifull pattern , I search on the web where I can buy it , could you help me please. Thanks

  6. Marie, I found this pattern in a library book that I borrowed for about two weeks and then returned to library. I am sorry but I have no clue what the book was titled.

  7. thank you for your reply I will continue my research