Wednesday, February 3, 2010

what do you call it?

Apparently, I'm feeling very blue these days, and birdy........ and Assisi-y because no sooner than I put the last stitch in the candle wrapper, I ran across another Assisi bird pattern that jumped right up and down in front of me.  Some call it OCD, I call it knowing a good thing when I see it.

Me thinks this cute Gift of Stitching ditty will be stitched in Capri blue also and finished into a pin keep/door knob ornament for the (you guessed it) B&W guest bedroom:

The Gift of Stitching
June 2008 issue

AND........While I was exploring some ideas for mirrors in the bedroom, a lightening bolt idea struck me!  What if I stitched two matching black pieces and had them framed together with a beveled mirror in the middle, in one big piece? 

My Aunt's Attic

Could I do that?  Is it even possible?  I have seen mirrors with a single opening above the mirror for stitching, but I've never seen pre-made mirrors with two openings (one left, one right) for stitching.  Have you?  If so, please tell me.  Oh and by the way, it has to be big and it's gotta be black, or black and silver would be perfect.  Sounds like a job for "Super Framer".

I know what you're thinking..."when does she plan on stitching all this?  Doesn't she have about 47 things already on the "Biggies on Deck" list?  Who in the heck does she think she is?"

Well, sometimes my muse is a pushy brawd.  That's all I'm saying.


  1. Great idea for a mirror, I have seen something similar in our local framing shop, not with stitching, their mirror had some sports memorabilia in it, but the principle was the same. Good luck with it!

  2. Oh that little birdie will fit right in a treat in the B&W bedroom. Perfect.
    As for the mirror, I think it is a fab idea. You know what they say 'Go big or go home!'

  3. You can absolutely frame your mirror that just have to find a good friend who frames just made one recently but her father had to build and paint the other half of the moulding to make the center "struts"'s definitely possible...and a great idea. It's always better to surround yourself with things that you love.