Friday, February 12, 2010

Woodland Valentine

Back in the day when I thought Fiddler's Cloth Aida was the prettiest cross stitch fabric I'd ever seen, I stitched this piece for hubby.  Even though it was a Christmas present to him, it was definitely a Valentine.  The verse was something I had found in a book of Japanese poetry.  I charted it to fit in the rectangle insert which originally contained an alphabet.  Considering hubby and I were pretty newly wed back then, I remember thinking that the verse was exactly what I wanted to convey and the design reminded me of where we built our house, out in the woods.

design from: Better Homes and Gardens book
America's Best Cross Stitch

"Gladly I'd live in a poor mountain hut
Spin, sew and till the soil
In any weather
And wash in a cold mountain stream
If but we dwell together"

And, 13 years later, I still feel mostly the same. 

I'd rather not wash in a cold mountain stream.  ;-)


  1. LOL about the 'mostly'!! LOL That is so sweet--I really need to get cracking on the seasonal designs. Poor DH, I don't think I've stitched anything for him.

  2. I've never stitched anything for DH as well.... It was a lovely gift! Happy Valentine's Day - I hope you have a great day with your DH.

  3. I have the same book, which I bought for this chart - I LOVE what you did with the verse. The whole thing is just beautiful. What a meaningful gift for your DH.