Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love Will Light Your Way

This is an old D. Morgan finish, but one very near and dear to my heart:

click on pic for better viewing

Love Will Light Your Way
design by:  D Morgan

You can see from the fall colors and farmhouse that it isn't your typical Valentine's-y piece, but when I found the pattern years ago, it was exactly the advice I needed at the time.  I also loved the bare tree in the foreground.  I leave this piece up year round. 

It's still good advice.


  1. Very pretty, and yes... good advice. :)

  2. That's a lovely design and a lovely saying too

  3. Very pretty! I love D Morgan's work.

  4. What a beautiful finish!

    I had to come to your blog after the "Triple Venti love" comment.. and I'm going to have to adopt that as my new life jingle! Love it!! ;)

    Love your blog - can't wait to try out that chili recipe!