Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Stitcher's Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there was a very weary stitcher who thought she would never finish One. Huge. Sleeve. There were big folds, little folds, long folds, short folds, and some of the folds had folds of their very own. It was just a very fold-y kind of sleeve. She stitched faithfully in the wee hours, but alas, time was not her friend. One night, the stitching fairies took pity on this faithful yet weary stitcher and completed all the pesky folds that vexed our heroine so horribly.

In appreciation for their merciful act, the stitcher made for the fairies a love offering of chocolate and coconut gooey goodness.
(Must. Keep. Fairies. Happy.)

Where does one find such a fairy pleasing epicurean delight? From the culinary Fairy Godmother, Paula Deen, of course. I converted the pie crust to chocolate on a hunch that it would be just the right compliment to the coconut.

I was right. Yum.


  1. Good fairies!! My favorite pie is coconut creme so I just may have to try this one.

  2. This looks to delicious how did you make the chocolate crust?

  3. When I read your email, I bopped right over to see the Lady finally finished! Congratulations -- she's beautiful! And though her folds were a challenge to slug through, they are one of the things that make her so great. Can you imagine pounding it into metal???

    And, I think you get an extra bonus CREATIVITY AWARD for the chocolate crust on the coconut pie--- BRILLIANT!!

    Congratulations...to you and to the fairies. lucky lucky girl...