Friday, August 7, 2009

Brain aerobics

Has the summer started to turn your brain to mush, maybe just a tad? Feel like you might benefit from a little mental flexing? If the crossword and sodoku books have gotten buried under a pile of People and TV Guide, here's a fast and fun game we used to play in high school. Points (that counted for nothing!) were awarded based on humor, content and originality.

Quick, make a list of 10 of your favorite words, or words you love to hear someone say. Doesn't matter noun, verb, adjective, just jot down the first ten that come to mind. Now, write a short short story using all ten words. Here's mine:

It was a splendid day for a horse race. The bread pudding was superb and parade of hats delightful. The thoroughbreds were all looking positively magestic. When my trifecta hit, I was elated! Crossing the finish line first was Spectacular Bid, placing second was Sublime Mime, and showing third was Radiance. The payout was enormous.

The shorter the story, the better. No need to be bothered with facts, just have fun with it. See how few sentences it takes you to squeeze all ten of your words in and still have some semblence of a story. If you are brave, post your short stories in my comments. Sniff-sniff.... is that dinner I smell burning or perhaps just my synapses firing in places they haven't fired for awhile?

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