Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Liberty verse complete

Forgive the crap-tastic photo please, more rain here today makes for not good photo taking. The fabric is a soft overdyed patina green. It is really perfect for the project. I'm stitching with silks, one overdyed for the statue herself (Thread Gatherer, Green Leaves) and a solid for the verse (Splendor, s838). Yes, one line of the verse has a little overdyed in it. I got skippy with it one night and had stitched 5 words in the overdyed before I realized what I'd done. I didn't feel like ripping five words so Shoot me!

The point is..........the verse is done!!! Now, it is literally onward and upward, up her arm that is. I originally thought I would stitch the entire project in the green silk, but after seeing Susan's post about her recent visit to The Lady, I think I'll do the flame of the torch in gold metallic. It looks so pretty in her photos. If it is horrid on fabric, I can always frog it and do over. (I do know HOW to frog, I'm just not a big FAN of the frog.)

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  1. Lookin' good! And, after reading Susan's blog and viewing her pictures (which I thoroughly enjoyed), I think doing the torch in gold metallic is a wonderful idea!