Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Face of Liberty

Quick update before I'm off to the back-cracker. I finished Liberty's face Friday night. Wanted to work on the verse over the weekend, but it just didn't happen. Her face was a bit sterner in the pattern, so I decided to soften her a bit with a brow lift, a little rhinoplasty and some collogen injections to her lips (giggle). Seriously though, I did rearrange the alignment of her facial features just a tad, like 1/2 of a stitch higher here and 1/2 of a stitch to the right there. I think it looks pretty ok now - it did look off-center and stern, like scowl-y before. The girl's got some eyebrow's on her to rival Brooke Shields'!!!
Most all the rest of the work is in her arm, hand and torch which runs up the left side of the fabric. The verse shouldn't take very long, just 7 more fairly short lines. You are seeing the last line of verse above. With 9/11 only a month away, I think I'll have her finished but I'm not sure if I can get her framed by then. We shall see...


  1. She looks great. I love the "rhinoplasty." You are cracking me up with that. What is the back ground fabric, is it marbled? I can't wait to see it all finished. :)

  2. She does look a bit more feminine this way...did you know the sculptor modeled her features after his own bout you, sculptor?? Does she resemble you?

  3. Does she resemble me, you ask? Not really, too thin, good hair and she's got a much much bigger halo!!! ;-D