Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Not freezing, progress pic and birthday bulletin

Yesterday, I saw a big orange fireball in the sky!  I overheard some people calling it "the sun".   Whatever it's called, it made me feel warm and wonderful!  It was back again today!  I'm praying that it might return tomorrow.  I loved it.  I was nice, while it lasted.

I've stitched a little on my capri blue Assisi peacock candle wrap.  Here's a progress pic: (also seen in my new header)

Not far to go, but it might be a while before I get back to it.  Hubby and I are moving his mother in with us for a little while during renovations to her home.  She is coming tomorrow and will be here a month or so.  She is incredible and I look forward to having her, but it will be a big change from what hubby and I are used to.  We'll adjust quickly, I'm sure, but stitching time might suffer a smidge.

Carmen wanted me to thank all of you for not adopting her when I was trying to give her stinky self away to a new home recently.  She wants everyone to know that she smells 'better' now and is glad she isn't having to train a new family.  She's just got us trained to her liking and it's only taken her 10 years!  Hard to believe my baby turns 'double digits' on the 24th.

Not bad for a 70 year old!

Wherever you are tonight friends, here's hoping you are warm and safe.  Happy stitching!


  1. Nice progress and the header looks freat, what a fab idea! happy birthday to Miss Carmen woof woof x

  2. Love the new header Marnie -- And I have no doubt that time spent with your MIL will generate its own set of treasures...

  3. What a gorgeous colour blue in your candle wrap and I think it looks great as your blog header. Happy birthday to Carmen, what a beauty!