Sunday, January 31, 2010

February? Really?

In the next few days, I will share a few old Valentine finishes with you, but between now and then, here is a new Christmas ornament finish:

Lizzie Kate "Joy"
stitched by: Annette Q
finished by: me

And my peacock candle wrapper in its new home in the B&W bedroom:

Capri blue Assisi peacock
candle wrapper

I was terribly proud of myself for hem stitching all four sides when I could have just ironed the edges down and called it quits.  All the while I was hemming it, I couldn't help thinking that some day when I'm pushing up daisies, some lucky yard sale shopper is going to think they've found the prettiest hanky they've ever seen.  I can only hope that doesn't happen!

Happy February Everybody!


  1. Everything turned out beautiful.

  2. Your Assisi peacock looks amazing, the blue beads look great!

  3. Your ornament is cute and that Peacock candle wrapper is stunning! The beads underneath really enhance the stitched piece, just gorgeous!

  4. Love the ornament, and the peacock is beautiful. You have a delightful Blog, I have enjoyed reading and looking through it.

  5. Lovely finishes Marnie! Congrats!!!

  6. Oh Marnie! It is so beautiful! Congratulations on such a great finish :-)