Thursday, January 28, 2010

My mother's mother's mother...

Have you ever been given a gift so meaningful that you simply can't wrap your mind around it?  While genealogy has never been a hobby of mine, many times I have wished that I could recite my family tree with ease.  By an amazing stroke of luck, some of my previously unknown ancestory has come to light.

1773 Abigail Briggs mother of
1800 Roxavannah C Briggs Kirkland mother of
1838 Helen Kirkland Throupe mother of
1861 Martha Emily Throupe Rhuark mother of
1884 Blanche Victoria Rhuark Smith mother of
1922 Rosa Mildred Smith Ackerman mother of
1953 Jane Lee Ackerman Lowe mother of
1971 Marnie Lynne Lowe Graley

 If you know your own family history well, perhaps this is not an astonishing thing, but for me, it's almost mind numbing.  I wonder how they lived, where they lived, did they stitch, if so, what and where and how?


  1. neat
    i feel positive they stitched
    and darned
    and mended
    and etc etc
    imagine if they had thread choices then like we have now
    like life without radio etc....just voice,birdsong, perhaps the occasional musicians
    it is amazing how much we have today
    i love to contemplate times gone by
    thanks for sharing

  2. A cousin traced my husbands dad's side of the family back to the 1750's in Holland. It's really neat to see. I share your excitement!

  3. I was lucky in that my ma has traced her family back to the 1700s, and so I was able to stitch a design for her giving the genealogy. I know that every woman from my great great grandmother downwards was/is a knitter, but I think it is my mother and I who are stitchers. That probably reflects on our easier lives - knitted garments were essential in Scotland and could also be sold to supplement the family income.

  4. Marnie; I an also descended from Roxavannah Kirkland through her son James Robert Kirkland, who is buried in Van Wert Co,OH. Would be interested in knowing Roxavannah's parents. Do you know her mother's maiden name, or her father's name? There is a photo of Roxavannah Briggs Kirkland on Find a Please e-mail me at Rise' Potts