Sunday, July 4, 2010

Paging Dr. DooLittle

Happy 4th of July friends!  Hope you all are enjoying a little down time, family fun and local festivities, wherever you are!

You might be wondering what the 4th of July has to do with Dr. Doolittle.  Well, it seems a little hummingbird got itself lost inside hubby's man-cave and collapsed from exhaustion sometime Saturday.  Hubby found it, realized it was still breathing and brought it to the house for us to nurse back to health.  Having skipped Hummingbird Rescue 101, I really wasn't sure what to do for the tiny little creature.  Poor little thing. 

Deciding it probably needed rest and fluids, we put it inside a decorative bird cage I have in the sunroom (for safe keeping), set a dish of nectar closeby, covered the cage with a pillowcase and let it rest.   It rested all night and seemed stronger this morning.  I thought fresh air would be good for it this morning and took it out on the deck with me.  Soon it was stretching it's wings and looking all around, as if to say, "Where am I?  What happened?  Where are my clothes?"       (Kidding!)

Within an hour or so, it took flight, still weak, but we are praying for the best and have ordered a hummingbird repair kit from Amazon, just to be prepared in case this happens again!  ;-)

In addition to being a holiday weekend, this is the weekend of the MSACF that I blogged about last year here.  I had really hoped to get back there this year, but it just wasn't to be.  :-(   Maybe next year.  I'm glad though that they have had excellent weather this year for the festival.  So many years passed, it has been miserably hot or rainy.  Nothing but blue skies for them this year! 

It's also time to register for the State Fair.  I haven't decided yet if I'm going to send anything or not.  Registration deadline ends soon so later this afternoon (after cookout festivities and before fireworks display), I plan to survey what I've managed to stitch since last July and make a decision.  That is one nice thing about writing this blog.  It does give me a very accurate record of when I finished what.  At the rate I stitch, you'd think it would be easy to keep up with!  However, this year, I've been more interested in getting other people to enter the Fair than I have been about entering the fair myself.  Like, my sister, who is in a photography club and has taken some wonderful photos.  I have encouraged her to submit a few to the fair this year.  It would be great to see her bring home a ribbon or two (and some prize money)!

Gotta run friends!  Have a safe and happy 4th!


  1. Good for you, saving that darling Hummingbird!!

  2. I hope the little hummingbird is okay!

    You should enter your stitching into the fair!