Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Christmas Exchange Finish!

O yea!  That's right!  Christmas. Exchange.  FINISHED!  Knowing that I'll be tied up making favors for my EGA chapter Christmas party for the next month or so, I wanted to hurry up and finish my exchange piece before I get fed up to my eyeballs with Christmas and swear I'll never stitch another Christmas thing as long as I live I dive head-first into Favor-paloosa!

I've been trying to decide how I could show you my exchange piece without showing all my chapter sisters (since I'd like "it" to be a surprise).   At first I thought, "Seriously, who am I kidding?  I could take out a full page ad in the local newspaper about 'it' and nobody would remember it come December".   Then I thought, "Seriously, it really IS impossible for you to keep anything under wraps, isn't it?"  This mental tennis match went on for a full five minutes before I came to this conclusion:  some chapter sisters have already seen me stitching this piece, but not the 'finished' thing, so I should be allowed to show all of you the stitching, at least!  Right?  (I know, Coocooforcocoapuffs is my middle name)

Snowflake Lace by Simply Old Fashioned
threads: white floche, beads attached with silver blending filament
Mill Hill clear iridescent seed beads
2001 Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue

The Exchange theme is "White", as in White Christmas.  I know it's only July, but I'm excited to see how creative and imaginative everyone gets with the theme. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, a pair of Eastern Bluebirds have decided to nest near Lake Dave.   You remember Lake Dave, don't you?

I don't think I've ever seen bluebirds around "these parts" before, so I'm kinda excited about it.  Not to sound like a nerd (too late?), but I googled "nesting + bluebirds" and found out horrible things about House Sparrows and how these evil assassins prey on angelic bluebirds, killing them, their families and their babies given even a sliver of a chance.  So now, hubby has a new 'honey-do' job.  We must have a Sparrow Spooker.  You can google it.  He's going to love this!

And now stitch-fans, I'm off to Favor-ville for the kick off of Favor-paloosa.  Hope you enjoyed this stitching update, it could be a looooonnnnnggg time until my next one!


  1. This is the prettiest piece of stitching I have ever seen! Marnie! It is beautiful :-)
    So do we have to address you as The Bird Whisperer from now on?

  2. That piece is absolutly gorgeous!!