Saturday, July 24, 2010

how to give yourself a heart attack

Recipe for self-induced heart attack:

1 pair white pants with black buttons
1 bathroom break
1 sideways glance

Mix three ingredients together, in tick season, and 30 seconds later, PRESTO: near heart attack.

not a tick

Doesn't this thread pattern look like a tick to you?  It sure did to me!  And might I add that when you are 'in the library', it's never a good time to think you see a TICK ON THE INSIDE OF YOUR PANTS!!!  Talk about shuckin' and jivin'.  I was shuckin' the pants and talking jive simultaneously, until of course I realized that the 'tick' was just the black thread used to sew on the black button.  I'll try to remember this trick next time I'm out of coffee and need an adrenaline kick. 

Geez Louise. 

Note to self, when using black thread to sew on buttons, never but never allow the back side to look like a bug. 



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