Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's a Bird, it's a Plane, IT'S A FINISH

Yes, it's true, I assembled my little Assisi bird ornament tonight (skipped dinner and stayed up past my bedtime to do it!).
That should tell you how motivated I was to mark this off the WIP list.

Gift of Stitching
June 2008


I had Susan Boyle's cd playing tonight while I was working on the assembly. I must have replayed track #6, Daydream Believer, 100 times. The verse "I could hide 'neath the wings of a blue bird while it sings", will be forever linked in my mind to this piece. What a beautiful rendition of that song she sings. If on the outside chance you don't already have her album, do yourself a favor and go get it! And when you hear track #6, I hope you think of my little blue bird.

And yes, before you ask, that is a darling little Assisi espresso cup and saucer it is sitting atop. My $4 find at a local re-sell shop (thanks again Annette!). The bottom is hand painted "Assisi". My guess is that it is a souvenir from some one's trip to Italy. I'd love to be able to find a small teapot to match it.

Before you go falling in love with this ornament and setting out to make one like it, you should know why I'm guessing I haven't seen that many octagon shaped ornaments out there. BECAUSE THEY ARE A ROYAL PITA to put together!!!! If you find centering a piece with 4 sides challenging enough, do not attempt 8 unless of course you are into S&M, whips and chains, and pay people to make you cry. Then, by all means, have at it!
You'll LOVE it!

As for me and my little blue bird, we are retiring for the evening.



  1. it is beautifulluy made
    your late night was worth it

    hope you slept well for the pillow project

  2. Love it! And it didn't age at all before finishing. I'm so impressed. Cin

  3. You blue bird is charming and well finished! Love the little cup it is perched on - thanks for giving the info on it. Good luck finding the teapot!

  4. You did a beautiful job on the stitching AND the finishing! I will get to see it on Monday evening, won't I?