Friday, April 16, 2010

The Box that Broke the Camel's Back

Once upon a time there was a beautiful 4 way bargello.  It wanted so badly to grace the top of a handsome wooden box.  It begged and pleaded with it's keeper until the keeper caved under the pressure and set out to make it's dream come true although she herself knew nothing about box making.  The Good Keeper trusted that the Powers that Rule the Universe would see how badly this little bargello wanted to be a box and clear all obstacles to help the box come into being.  After all, how hard could it be? Right?

Basic box elements:
A lid
A bottom

Optional box element:
A lining


So, off to the framer the Keeper trotted with Beautiful Bargello in tow.  "Do you people make boxes?" she asked.  "Well no, but it sounds like it would be fun to try!" the answer came.  Why this answer inspired confidence in the Keeper, the story does not make clear but with the utmost optimism, she left Beautiful Bargello (and a large portion of her paycheck) with the nice frame people.  After no less than 3 mini-dramas later, she had the basic box elements; a lid and a bottom:

design by: Marion Scoular

Not exaaaaaaactly a box, like with hinges, a bottom and such, but....Keeper thought it was a good start.  Then she started really thinking about it.

Here's the short list of my problems:

#1) The lid is bigger, much bigger, than the bottom

#2) The bottom has a troublesome inset where it meets the lid
#3) The bottom has no bottom, makes for a lousy holder of stuff
#4) I have found the perfect (IMHO) fabric lining

#4 might have you scratching your head wondering why I'd call it a problem.  It is a problem because up until I found the perfect fabric, I could table this conundrum of mine.  Now?  Well.   Now, I have this perfectly perfect fabric lining, so I can't table the problems any more.  The fabric is driving this whole crazy bus now and it's heading for the Expressway.  You see?

So, where to begin?  Do I have the lid reframed smaller?  Do I turn the box bottom upside down so the inset is on the bottom? (BTW, I don't like the looks of it upside down)  Do I drop back and punt?  Do I drop it in the nearest river and start from scratch? 

How do I get myself into these pickles?

I hope to spend some quality time pondering these and other mysteries of the Universe this weekend.  Hope you find some time to stitch too! 

Happy Weekend Friends!


  1. Take it back to the creator and have them make the box fix like a normal box even if you have to take them a picture. Boxes have tops and bottoms and they should already know that....don't let their lack of knowledge change your plans...they took your cash so they owe you a box that you can use. You go girl!

  2. Methinks it's a bottom problem. (I know about these things, since MY particular bottom suffers from "size issues" also.)

    I agree with NCPat...back to the framers you go! I would ask them to re-make the bottom of the box to properly fit the lovely top and then I would lean across the counter and smile sweetly.

    When that doesn't work, keep the smile but say in your best Tony Soprano voice: "You're going to fix this for me and you're going to fix it quickly and for free or I'm going to introduce you to a few of my associates."

    If all else fails, you could always make a pillow....

  3. The fabric is beautiful and perfect! We must make this work some way! What your other commentators don't know is that the framer is out of business. But we must do something - it is too beautiful not to finish!