Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stitching Updates

So many WIPs, so little time...

You are now entering a "No Shame Zone".  Welcome!

#1)  Be Still:  still under construction.  Sooooo close on this one...

#2) Sunroom pillows:  three stitched, one to go, no pillows actually constructed...haven't narrowed down the possibilities for assembling these yet.

#3) Assisi peacock ornament: still loving this one but kinda tired of talking about it.  I need to GET ON WITH IT! stitch the backside and assemble this baby.

#4) Peacock Bargello box:  this is a story for another day. 

I think that's enough for a Tuesday.  What do you say we just leave the sleeping WIPs alone for the time being?  Great idea!  I'm going to focus on finishing these things before I start one more blooming thing.  Keeping in mind, I need to start my Promise Piece* very very soon.  AND, I still have a BAP patiently waiting on me.

So, without further ado, I bid you a pleasant day and hope that wherever you are, the pollen isn't as crippling as it is here! 

*Promise Piece=a piece you declare, with God as your witness, that you ARE going to finish by the November chapter meeting.  (You might also have five bucks riding on it!)


  1. liking the stitches
    esp the sunroom pillows to be

    oak pollen was heavy here in central texas
    but is now subsiding........everything was covered in a lovely chartreuse dust for days........

  2. Your sunroom pillows look really nice!