Saturday, September 26, 2009

this train's back on track

Hi Friends!  I feel like the past 10 days or so have been a loss.  Life got uber busy and I haven't been making much time for stitching or blogging.  The end of the fiscal year at work is Jack-crazy with last minute spending, last minute hiring, last minute training and last minute travel that all needs to be completed before 9/30.  It is always this way, so no amount of "pre-planning" can prevent it; it's just the way of the Fed gov.

The good news is, it's almost over.  I have one more major crazy day on Tuesday and then, there will be peace in the valley once more. 

I am excited to be taking a few days off in early October to head up the highway to Pittsburgh for the EGA National meeting.  I really really can't wait to be "on the road again", as my BLLCMFF* Willie would say.  Sometimes I rather enjoy letting special events creep up on me without notice because then, when I do look up from my desk and notice, "Hey, National is just a week away!", the excitement is much more intense than it would be if I was counting the days down from 100.  Make no mistake, I am TOO EXCITED!  I didn't sign up for any classes, but my travel mate and I wanted to at least go for Merchandise Day.  I have also identified couple of WIPs who are in bad need of a little vacation time too, so "ABC" and Waterlily Stained Glass are tagging along.  Sadly though, National overlaps another of my favorite stitchy activities, Fall Retreat.  I can't even begin to tell you how restorative Spring and Fall Retreats are for me.  Seriously healing.  I've written about Retreats before so I'll only say that they are a magical time for all of us and I sorely miss my BSFFs when I'm unable to attend.

Note:   For those of you interested in attending EGA National in San Francisco next year, the photos of the classes will be up on the EGA site next Thursday (Oct 1). 

Today would have been my mother's 56th birthday.  She has been gone now for almost 5 years.  I will spend some time with my Dad today and probably visit the cemetary.  It's raining and seems like a good day for reflection and quiet contemplation. 

So that is my story and I'm sticking to it. 

BCMLLFF = Best Living Legend Country Music Friend Forever
BSFF = Best Stitchy Friends Forever

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  1. Have a great time in Pittsburgh but we will all miss you at Retreat. You are the WBR!
    *worlds best roomie