Sunday, September 20, 2009

The last of summer

Autumn is officially here on Tuesday, but the chill in the morning air and the extra blanket on the bed tells me she has already settled in in my little corner of the world.  I can remember a day when summer meant sleeping in, rolling skating or bike riding all day, reading books for fun and day trips to exciting places like petting zoos, regattas and air shows.  I think it was 1985 when I started "grown up" activities in the summer, like taking classes at the local college and later, working that stripped all the true fun away from summer.  At the time I didn't miss the aimlessness of summer, but looking back, I could have used a few more of those lazy hazy days before entering the "real world".  Now I would give a king's ransom to have three solid months to explore, create, learn, rest, refresh, renew.....clean out closets, sort the pantry, organize the stash.   Okay, sorry, but I would!

The tomato plant is still yielding some fruit, but I can't help but wonder if each will be the last until next summer.  I can't even begin to describe how fan-tab-ulous these tomatoes have been:

And, I ask you, have you ever seen such a darling little bell pepper in all your life?  (yes, those are eggs)

The corn is not from our garden, but it was so delicious this year, I did freeze some for winter:

In addition, hubby decided he wanted to learn how to can this summer, so he/we put up about a dozen pints of tomatoes (for chili and such).  I made a small jar of pesto.  And, on his very own, he made grape jelly and blueberry jam and I'm not even sure what else.  You should have seen the kitchen, Yowzers. 

I hope your summer was as "fruitful" and full of blessings as mine has been.

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