Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Miss America was FRAMED!

please click on photo below for better viewing
"The Lady"
fabric: 28ct. Wichelt Watercress jobelyn
threads: Thread Gatherer and Spendlor silks

Oh how happy I am to have my Lady back from the framer just in time for 9-11. I do hope my friends will like her. I think they will.

Didn't I tell you that you'd love the frame? My framer, Miss Patti Jo of the Village Sampler, did me a solid when she doctored up the frame to look more like her corner sample. The frame came in with just a hint of the green verdigris that made it so perfect for the piece. So, she touched it up with a little extra green until it was "just right". Thanks again PJ!!! I owe you one. In my opinion, it's just perfect!


  1. And the pictures cannot do justice to the real thing. I know - I just happened to be at The Village Sampler when she was picked up. (Lady Liberty, not Marnie.) :)

  2. It looks so beautiful! It's always nice when the framing complements the stitched work so well. After spending so much of our precious time stitching on a project the framing should do it justice. She surely did a great job!

  3. What a beautiful frame and it goes so well with your piece. It is lovely and your stitching is great.
    I do framing for a living and they did a wonderful job on your work.
    God Bless ~

  4. Oh she looks GREAT! The frame is perfect and she came back just in time :-)
    Congratulations on such a beautiful finish.

  5. This is lovely. Great job on the frame and the stitching.
    Ok, so I just did a map quest, it's only 356 miles from my door to the Village Sampler...I think I feel a road trip coming on. :)
    p.s. The Mr. say's thanks alot for letting me know about the cool cross stitch shop. :)

  6. She looks FABULOUS! And I agree, the framing is perfect! In this pic I can really see her golden torch and it's a very nice touch. Did you give it to them? What did they say??