Saturday, June 13, 2009

Free Willy Saturday

There you go little ones. Enjoy your back full of feathers and fine feathered friend!

Thank you, lady!

Don't mention it! You scratch my back, I'll stitch yours.

You see readers, these little birds have actually done me a huge favor. I have a project in mind that is very large and will require lots of hours to complete however, it's been impossible to find the right color of green linen for the ground fabric. Thinking this La Crosse Blend from R&R might be right, it was a blessing when the little bird flew into my life last Saturday on a scrap of La Crosse Blend, needing stitched. Because of her, I can see that I need to continue my search for a better shade of light green linen. I'm thinking Almost Spring or Jabco green from R&R might better suit the Tiffany stained glass birds and bamboo piece I have in mind. But, in the meantime, at least these two little darlings will be putting a smile on my face whenever I glimpse them flying by!

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