Tuesday, June 9, 2009

all framed up

Hubby and I had a lovely dinner at the O.G. tonight which JUST so happens to be in very close proximity to Michael's. I knew if I had a piece of foam core the right size, I might just be able to stretch this piece and pop it in the FAB u lous frame I found at Marshall's this past weekend. So while he got us a table, I ran to the framing department and got a scrap (aka FREE) piece of foam core.

After a little futzing, pinning, un pinning, re pinning, I think it's staight and centered. Could it be so?!? BTW, why does linen have to be so wobbly? Grunt. Snort. Stomp.

Don't try adjusting your sets at home friends, I used the "Orton" editing feature on this shot:

I've been wanting to try the feature, just to see what it is supposed to do. When I figure it out, I'll let you know. The photo below is much truer to what it looks like IRL. Click on photo below for a great look at the detail on the frame. Not bad for $7, huh?

I intentionally didn't stretch it so tight that the wrinkles in the fabric would go away. I like the character of the linen.

Artsy craftsy bargains? love, Love, LOVE IT!!!

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