Saturday, May 2, 2009

Punto Gigliuccio and a cautionary tale

Let's see...I've been searching the internet for months for more instructions on the Punto Gigliuccio stitch. Yep, months. The instructions in the pattern were clear but my results were not looking like the model, so I just knew I was doing something wrong. I believe I gave up last weekend and posted here that I was moving on. Doing what every self-respecting stitcher would do; making something up to go in that space. THEN (you knew that was coming, didn't you?) I was innocently surfing Piecework magazine online tonight to see what they were up to and WHAT DID I FIND THERE, you ask!!??!! Well, have a look for yourself:

Yes, you guessed it. Instructions. Even better - they were slightly different than the instructions I already had, so I was able to work the upper band of drawn work on my Assisi Peacock!!! Hip Hip Horray! The fine print: my punishment for giving up and taking things into my own hands last weekend was that I had to frog the stuff I had made up and stuck in there instead of what was supposed to go there. My band definitely looks like a first attempt, but I'm just thrilled to know that my Italian sampler will actually be a sampler of Italian stitches and not "mostly" Italian stitches and one thing Marnie just made up because she couldn't do the punto gigliuccio stitch.

So, the moral of the story is, don't give up, and something about patience being a virtue would fit in there too.


  1. Oh that looks soooo pretty! Yay for a beautiful Italian finish! Glad you liked the clip, LMAO when I watched it. Glad the wine worked too!

  2. It is absolutely beautiful!! Of course you always do wonderful stitching. Can't wait to see the finished piece in hand.

  3. Hip, hip, hooray!! It is beautiful!

  4. Well done for figuring out the stitch, your sampler is looking beautiful!

    I hope your little Carmen made it back from the races safely and that the 'matching tattoo' was not too much for you to live with every day! :-) (saw your post at Spinster Stitcher and you really made me laugh.....thanks to that I have discovered this blog and will be back to visit again soon!)

    Jackie x