Friday, May 1, 2009

My 100th Post and a Run for the Roses

Wow, 100 posts!?! Now I have proof that I'm a blabbering idiot. I also want to point out that I have two more pieces of solid evidence that I'm "officially" on the slippery slope into senility. First, I totally forgot that it was Thursday night last night. Hello! Grey's?!!! That's what I thought. Luckily, TIVO caught it for me, whew! But wait, it gets worse. Today was the 1st of the month. Right? I work in a place where it is impossible to forget that it's the first of the month. I took "April" out of my cross stitch cork board and inserted "May" and NEVER, not ONCE did I think about rushing over to The Gift of Stitching to download the newest issue, like I have done every month for like EVER! Wonder where I put that ginko bilboa? So as long as we are examining my crazy, why don't you come with me on a little journey into Fantasyland...(cue the Disney springtime in the forest music)...

Tonight I will sleep like an angel, no weird dreams or hot flashes or neck cricks. Husband will sleep like a log, without sawing them. K9 will sleep soundly and will not smell like she has run free for two hours tonight and rolled in every pile of stink she could find.

I will awake slowly to the sound of birds singing and a bright and shining sun. As my senses linger between sleep and wake, I detect the aroma of my favorite latte from the kitchen. The steam is already rising from the shower.

After brunch, I pick out my Derby hat and dress, polish the silver julep cups and call in my winning wager. Only thing on the afternoon schedule is a manicure and pedicure before the call to the post.

Sunday will begin much the same with birds, a latte, and a steamy shower. Maybe another hat. Church, leisurely lunch with family, and an afternoon/evening full of stitching and finishing my favorite WIPs.

Okay. Not exactly, but I'm pretty sure there will be birds and an horse race!

Here's hoping you have a winning weekend!

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