Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Christmas finish on Mother's Day

Fabric: black linen from stash (28ct.)
Threads: overdyed Cherry Wine, Pine and Whitewash
Design: from Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Collection (hardback)

Today was the most beautiful day of the year. The breeze was gentle and cool, the air was clean and fresh, the sun shone brightly and the clouds were more for decoration than precipitation. It was, dare I say, a perfect day. However, without children or a mother, it was a bit lonely. I did enjoy church with hubby and MIL. She is a blessing and a joy to be around.

After lunch, I stitched up my Christmas biscornu while watching the end of "Fred Claus". What a terrific cast of silly/funny/yummy characters! The biscornu has been a lot of fun to stitch and finishing it while watching a funny Christmas movie was fitting. I rarely stitch anything twice, but I did stitch this design twice for front and back of biscornu. I'm actually thinking about doing it again for an ornament! Call me crazy.

I'll be packing soon for Spring Stitching Retreat!!! I've decided on this rotation:

Thistle Thursday

Frank Lloyd Wright Friday

Peacock Saturday

Something New Sunday

Wishing you all a wonderful week!!!


  1. What a pretty biscornu. The colours really pop on the black fabric. Was it hard to stitch on a dark fabric? I've always stitched on light fabrics. Your fabric flowers look pretty too. Out at a bbq on Saturday so no links for Britain's got talent :-( although I did hear mention on the radio this morning of an act called 'Methane Man'????!!!!
    Have a great week

  2. Gorgeous! I agree with Sadie, the black fabric really makes the colors pop!!!