Monday, May 25, 2009


Did everyone have a great holiday? I hope so. My three day weekend was pretty action packed, so I really feel like somebody owes me an extra day off, just to loaf around in my pj's. Since today was the 25th, I managed a tiny little bit of Christmas stitching, but it is for an exchange, so no photos!

So I was thinking, I created this blog last year when I was totally fed up with how long it was taking me to finish my wine gift bag and the Assisi peacock, and now, much to my amazement, both are complete. Naturally, I have MANY many other WIPs and UFOs to blog about but I feel compelled to select just one that I need that extra measure of encouragement (and pressure) to finish. I've already declared that Lady Liberty is my new WIP. She will live upstairs and I will stitch on her enough to get her finished by late summer. With that said, I think the time has come to introduce you all to my precious little fish needlebook. The cover is a Simply Old Fashioned design I picked up at the National Cross Stitch Show in Arcola, IL two years ago. I stitched it up in the car, on the journey back home.

I thought the orange/yellow overdyed was perfect on the white shimmery Zweigart evenweave. Now, as you all know, sometimes my projects talk to me. Just before I tucked her away, this little fish told me she wanted to be a covergirl for an XSMLNB*. What a great idea, I said!

So, for two years now (!!!!!), I've been piecing together ideas and have developed most of inside except for the spine. On the left, I have attached mother of pearl rings for fibers and an odds and "fins" pocket. Making the school of goldfish "swimming" across the drawn thread pocket bottom was so much fun!!! Can you see them? Might need to click on picture for a closer look.

On the right, I have a scissors sheath made from mermaid skin (relax people, it's FAUX mermaid skin) and a cover for my needle pages. The needle page cover came from TGOS electronic magazine.

I'm thinking the mermaid scrimshaw ruler should be nestled down in a needle laced "fisherman's net", positioned on the spine. However, considering the cost to replace the scrimshaw, I need to be sure the net will be secure enough to hold her in place when being transported.

The tassel was made just for fun out of WDW perle cotton. I heart #5 WDW perle cotton. I think I want to be mummified with it when my stitching days are through. Oh wait, I think the will says I'm to be mummified with Caron Waterlilies, or was it Impressions...oh well, back to our needlebook...

Now for the hard part. I need to design a back cover. I've seen some similar projects on the web that incorporate autobiographical info like name, hometown, date of birth, etc. I'm considering such a thing.

Any suggestions?

*XSMLNB = extra special marine life needle book (a.k.a. the fish needlebook)


  1. Wow. I'm truly amazed at how much thought and effort you put into your designs and work. It is beautiful.

  2. We missed you at the Christmas stitch-in! We had lots of fun and I would tell you all about it but what happens at the stitch-ins...well, you know the rest. I agree with Debbie, you do such beautiful work. Can hardly wait to see it in person. (And you, of course.) LOL

  3. Your cross stitch book is simply amazing. I just love what you have done to the inside. Faux mermaid skin....too funny!