Thursday, February 26, 2009

WIP update and other stuff too

Yesterday was Christmas stitching but until March 25th, it's back to our regularly scheduled programming! I think it was here that I confessed having too may WIPs, etc, etc, and that I was going to make a strident effort toward reducing said WIPs, etc, etc. And that was, um, let's see, AUGUST! Okay. So, I don't know what is up with that but I think I'm going to fire my Life Coach! It's now almost MARCH and the clock is tickin' toward my EGA chapter's biennial exhibit. And, so help me, if I don't have this sampler done for that show, well, somebody ought to beat me. The current status is "frogging". I decided the lettering had too much pink in the overdyed silk, so I'm cutting out the silk (Zowie, that smarts!). I've restitched most of the top line in my favorite blue/green Thread Gatherer Silk N' Colors color called Forrest of Greens. What do you think? It's much more "peacocky", I think.

Not a great photo, but you can see how the subdued tones of the top line don't shock your eye as much as the bright pink in the second line. I may be sorry for it once I've frogged it all and re-stitched, but I don't think so.

On the home front, my one and only K-9 child has taken up a new daytime hobby, Pantry-Pilfering. Exhibit A:

This is just her latest work. There have been several Ritz cracker boxes, some rice bags, maybe a bag of black beans too. I know, I know....if I could just remember to close the pantry door, there wouldn't be the problem.

With a face like this, how can you be mad?

Next post will be the BIG REVEAL of my "sweetest thing ever". Stay tuned...


  1. Our Rigby went through a period of being a serious food thief. Happily, he seems over it now. So of course, we got a puppy .... LOL!

  2. I had a friend years ago who had a dog that could open the fridge door!

  3. What, exactly, constitutes too many WIPs? That's like saying you have too many books. This is not a problem. Only way to stop too many WIP is to stop buying stash. OMG...NOOOOOO!

    And what a face. Obvisiouly someone broke in, ravaged the pantry and Carmen, doing her duty, ran them off and since she's not allowed in the pantry could not put the package back!