Thursday, February 5, 2009

Alton Brown, man of mystery

Don't you just love people who are passionate about something and not afraid to show it, no matter what the "rest" of the world thinks about them? I'm thinking of us (stitchers) but also of my BFTGEFF*, Alton Brown. I don't know what it is about this strange little man, but I can't get enough of him! So whether he's making beer butt chicken or edamame crusted tofu cakes, I tune in like my life depends on it. BUT, a few nights ago, he actually solved a mystery I've been pondering since November! Dontcha just love to figure something out that's been sitting on your brain for weeks, months or, heaven forbid, years?

Well, If you remember I posted this photo of a flower in bloom from Jamaica but didn't know what it was? Well, according to Alt, it's Ornamental Ginger!!!! Yea Ginger!!! He was doing a show about ginger (or was it rhizomes?) and there it was, my FLOWER!

Kiss kiss kiss kiss, kiss your face Alton Brown and bless the Food channel for giving you an audience. You...........complete me. (flutter)

*BFTGEFF=Best Food TV Good Eats Friend Forever

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  1. I think Alton is the cat's MEOW too...I love his pizza episode, on Good Eats...try his pizza dough - DIVINE!