Sunday, February 8, 2009

and the headline read..."Jail Break"

I could tell from the urgency in Carrot's voice that whatever he was on the phone about was going to require human help. And, I was right. As soon as he was off the phone, he launched into this big story about how when he was being held hostage in the PIG Place, a group of "surly" threads made friends with him and now they really needed my help. He went on and on about how when they were all locked up together, Chocolate (seems to the be ring leader) could talk about nothing but getting back to Nashville and how much it would mean to his whole gang to get back there before June.

Hum, Nashville? June? Strange. Could these felonious fibers be talking about Share-A-Stitch? Now my curiosity was duly peaked. "Okay, Carrot. I guess what you are telling me is that you want me to spring your friends from the maximum security PHF (Project Holding Facility, a.k.a. Martha Stewart under bed storage box)"? He nodded excitedly. Fine. You drive, I'll spring.

All I had to do was crack the lid of the PIG Place and ZOOOMMMMM! Holy Toledo! I only caught a glimpse of the gang as they hopped into the back of what I'm guessing was a "get away car", but here's what I spied:

Casey Buonaugurio freebie

DMC threads on 28 ct. pink hand-dyed fabric

thread board by "hubby"

As they roared out of sight, I heard the ring leader exclaim ,"You the man, Carrot! Do something nice for the lady. Teacup Auction, here we come!!!" Carrot and I just looked at each other in silent astonishment. Strange I tell ya, strange.

All this rescuing and jail springing is really quiet exhilirating! Me thinks Saturdays will be known hence forth as "Free Willy" day; the day I'll help free one more PIG from the PHF. Wonder how I'd look in a mask and cape?


  1. You need to stop drinkin' that wine!

  2. it's the Jamaican coffee, I'm quite sure!

  3. Love it!! (The story as much as the piece.) I always look forward to checking in on Monday to see what your weekend has produced.