Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Raspberry Water

Hi Kids! Deputy Commissioner of Crazy here, checking in. I know I've been working a lot and not stitching so much but Crazytown does NOT run itself, people!

I'm happy to report that every last stick of furniture and piece of paper has been successfully moved from my old office location into the new. We are only a few blocks away geographically from the old space, but WOW what a difference a weekend can make. I guess you don't notice how horrible your working conditions are until you actually look up, or wander into Dermatology by accident (Grey's Anatomy), but let me tell you folks, I feel like we've moved from the basement of a County General ER into an L.A. Plastic Surgeon penthouse suite! No more making do with hand-me-downs, broken cabinets, wobbly toilets, sewer gases, no natural light, etc. No sir. We are now in a brightly lit, cheerfully painted, self flushing, fully stocked, security camera-ed, intercom connected environ. I honestly feel like Christina Yang, sitting on that sofa in Dermatology, pointing and saying, "Look! They have raspberry water here!" The move has so lifted my spirits that I stopped at the grocery extra early yesterday morning to stock up on fresh fruit. I wanted each table in the breakroom to have a beautiful bowl of fresh fruit on it when the staff arrived, along with the latest editions of BH&G, Oprah and few other happy mags. It was bee u tee ful. (quick, get the camera, it won't stay like this for long!)

I have been working a wee bit on a tiny tiny project, and let me ask you this, what is it about the Creative Process that throws our otherwise systematic, rational brains into some kind of psychodelic warp gear that allows things like this happen to otherwise orderly places:

I've blurred out the actual piece because I hope to be able to reveal it at the same time I share with you one of the sweetest things my hubby has EVER done for me. I'll give you one hint. Just one. No more, don't even ask. It is........related to.......stitching. You probably had that one figured out though, huh?

I just so happen to be enjoying the mandatory 8:30 pm Creativity Ice Cream Break at the moment and have decided, at the risk of causing a shortage, to share with you the brand and flavor of the M-DICE, Most Delicious Ice Cream on Earth. The M-DICE is:

by Blue Bunny. Blue Bunny is a Wal-Mart brand, so don't look for it elsewhere. Even if you hate the place, if you enjoy a good mug of ice cream as much as I do, you would drive 100 miles out of your way for a 1/2 gallon of this heavenly concoction. I-heart-bordeaux cherry chocolate.

Speaking of ice cream, today was the first day of my Stitching Diet. As I told you earlier, my new office is located within a stone's throw of my favorite LNS (sing it with me now, "Zippity Do Dah, Zippity Eh!"), so I've decided that I'll skip lunch twice a week and walk up to the shop for some sit and stitch! How great is that? Stitching; in the MIDDLE of the DAY!!!! Depending on the week, I may only get up there once, but I'm aiming for twice. It's very exciting to me. It'll be like having an affair on my housebound WIPs. Look out boys, Mama's got an "away game" now. I've decided that my first away game will be the Sekas dragonfly checkboard for my XSDNs* in TX. And I've already been making eyes at a couple of other potential away game candidates. We will just have to see about that when the time comes. (XSDN=extra special darling neices)

Speaking of the best things on Earth, have you seen the Quaker snack sized Ranch flavored rice cakes? OMG. Over the course of the last fifteen years, I have tried off and on to like rice cakes. If only I could learn to enjoy these things as a snack, maybe just maybe, all my problems would be solved. Alas, no brand, no flavor, no way, UNTIL TODAY! I don't know how long these things have been on the shelves, but let me tell you, I-heart-Quaker Ranch snack rice cakes.

So, on any given Tuesday/Thursday, around lunchtime, you can find me and my raspberry water hanging out at my LNS, stitching, snacking on rice cakes, and happy as a hog in slop.

The 25th of the month is quickly becoming a highlight in my month. Ever since I got Jingle All the Way stitched up during the January Christmas stitch along, I've hardly been able to contain my enthusiasm! I spied a Jim Shore 12 Days of Christmas book at the LNS the other day. Have you seen this book yet? It's special! The thought crossed my mind that I could make the 12 days my 12 Christmas Stitch Along projects for the year, but if I had any plans on getting these ornaments stitched before Christmas, it would require a lot more time and attention than one stitch along a month. So I'm waffle-ing (hey Coni, waffles!). I am enjoying my semi-structured (without pinchy rules) stitching system and don't want to be cornered into stitching a MEGA 12 month plus project right now, on my one day a month. On the other hand, I love those Jim Shore 12 Days! I've been keeping an eye out for just the right 12 Days pattern. Thought it might be Cross Eyed Cricket, very cute, very cute indeed. But now I'm waffle-ing. Pondering pondering; your input is welcome.

In closing, my mojo make-over must be going to my head, but I'm considering having a stash reduction grab bag give-away, if there would be any interested parties. Parties? Give-away? Interested? If yes, post a comment before I blog again. I'm thinking the 25th would be a great day for a give-away.


  1. We are always interested in parties and give-aways but more interested in what you have been up to. And to think, I usually wait until after a weekend to check your blog. I am excited to seeing that special finished project you are working on. And I may have to join you for one of those lunch breaks at Pat's sometime.

  2. Well count me in! You know I really need to re-accumulate my stash. (Who doesn't?) Glad you like the new office and hope the lunch breaks are great!

  3. Love your comparision of the new office to going to Dermatology and discovering raspberry water. LOL! (Grey's fan here too). Thanks for visiting my blog, commenting, and adding me to your sidebar. :) That ice cream looks yummy! And your lunch break plan sounds great. You are very lucky to have a LNS so close by. :)

  4. Hi Marnie,
    My name is Jordan and I work for Blue Bunny's PR firm, Barkley. Couldn't help but notice that you like our ice cream! I'd love to send you some free coupons for digging our ice cream so much. Feel free to email me if you're interested!
    Thanks, Jordan