Saturday, February 7, 2009

Escape...from Pig Pile

The phone rang just before 7:00 this morning:

Caller: (deep, rich voice) May I speak to Carrot please?
Me: Umm, sure, may I tell him who is calling?
Caller: Just tell him it's his old friend, Chocolate.
Me: Oh, ok, hold please.

Carrot: Umm, hello?
Chocolate: Hey Carrot o' buddy! How's life treating you on the outside?
Carrot: Oh hi Chocolate. It's going great, er, I mean, you know.....same stitch, different day. (long pause) How'd you get this number?
Chocolate: I got my sources. Now Carrot, me and the boys, we seen ya all over the internet, showing off your new digs.
Carrot: Really?
Chocolate: Yea, you look good Carrot.......real good. Now Carrot, I know we's from different sides of the tracks and all, you with your beta-carotene and me, well, with my sugar and caffeine, but, you know Carrot, I thought we was friends here on the inside.
Carrot: Oh yes, Chocolate, I do think we ARE friends!
Chocolate: Then here's what I need you to do for me Carrot. Are you listening? I need you to talk to your lady friend. Tell her about me and the boys. Tell her how much she would love us. Tell her about Red, you know how much she loves Red! Then tell her it is critical that she spring us out of this Pig Pile today! We don't belong in here Carrot.
Carrot: No, you are right, none of us deserved to be there.
Chocolate: So, we'll be expecting your lady friend within the hour, ok Carrot? Do you understand what I'm saying?
Carrot: Yes, I think I do. I'll do the best I can.
Chocolate: I'm counting on you. Me and the boys will be seeing you real soon. (click)

stay tuned...

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