Wednesday, March 30, 2011

...out like a lamb...


Here it is, the end of March and what have I accomplished so far this year?  Not much.  :-)

BUT, I am very proud to report that thanks to a discovery in the "housekeeping" department, I have cleaned all (yes, ALL) of my windows, inside and out, thank you very much.  What is this wonder discovery, you ask?  They are called e-Cloths and I found mine at Marshall's (aka Home Goods / TJ Maxx).  The Window Pack has two cloths, one to clean with and the other to dry with.  You just wipe the window with damp cloth to remove dirt, then wipe it with the other one to dry/shine.  Think "Wax On, Wax Off".  It takes all of about two seconds, uses water only and the windows are streak free and cleaner than I have ever seen them in 14 years.  Seriously.  Don't cha just love that?  What else?  I used these cloths on my curio cabinet doors and shelves as well as my china cabinets doors and shelves, glass tabletops, and bathroom mirrors and they all seem to be repelling, yes REPELLING, dust.  These things might just be the best thing ever.  Sure hope you all run out and find some (available thru Amazon too).  They have made letting the sun shine in so much easier!  (I don't work for e-Cloth, know anyone who does, or get paid in anyway for this endorsement, btw)

Carmen is resting comfortably today after a rough day yesterday.  As some of you know, she had surgery to remove a few suspicious bumps yesterday.  To add insult to injury, she also had a teeth cleaning and toenail trim while she was in sleepy-town.  So, on top of three surgical sites (with stitches) to recover from, she also woke up with sore teeth and toes.  Poor girl.  

Rimadyl (pain med) is good

Mommy is home today, helping the girl recover with a little special treatment like rice/chicken/carrot breakfast.   I'm sure she'll be in top form in no time.   Dr. Fred, the v-e-t, said she had a very strong heart (and head).  Hummm...can't image where she'd get that! 

New this week at the feeder:

I just love these Purple Finches.  They show up in the spring with their Gold Finch cousins and add a brilliant splash of color to an otherwise drab backdrop.  One of my bird books says they look like they have been dipped in raspberry juice.  To me, they look like someone has dyed them like Easter eggs.  Very pretty.

On the stitching front, I'll be trying to finish up a very small "small" this afternoon.  It is for the SAS teacup auction in Birmingham, so no pics.  :-)    But, don't worry... you aren't missing much.

This Saturday, my EGA chapter is hosting an all-day "Stitcher's Day Out" at a local place called Heritage Farm Museum and Village.  We have been doing this one-day retreat for multiple years now and always have a great time.  I'm really looking forward to it.  Most years, there has also been a wedding at the chapel (just across the way from the Welcome Center we rent).  I think we all have come to look forward to watching the wedding hustle and bustle going on around us.  We certainly love watching the bride wait outside the chapel doors for the perfect moment, kiss her escort on the cheek, then start her walk up the aisle.  So tender.  So special.

from 2008 archives

Hope you all are having a wonderful week and are looking forward to April as much as I am.


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  1. Miss Carmen, Stewey has asked me to tell you that his recent pensiveness is due to his worry over your recovery. So, please, dear heart, get better very very soon and know that we are sending all of our happiest thoughts from here in Hoosierville.

    With much love from The Spinster Stitcher and Master Stewey Angus Willowswamp, His Very Little Self