Sunday, March 13, 2011

Top o' the Morning to Ya

I love Love LOVE St. Patrick's day.  I love the leprechauns, shamrocks, jigs, and corned beef.  I blame it on having a drop or two of Irish blood in my veins.  So with St. Pat's celebrations this week, it looks like this week will be as busy, if not busier, than most.  

I'm sneaking in a quick post now before you all think Fat Tuesday got the better of me.

In stitching news:  I'm having a great time making a few greeting cards for a EGA chapter fundraiser.  We plan on stitching card covers in a variety of techniques and then selling the bunch of them until they are gone.  At $5/each, I think they will sell easily at our favorite LNS. (fingers crossed)

Here's a peak:

embroidery embellished felt appliques

scrap from hardanger project gone wrong

all cross-stitch design

The resident K9 is having a boo-boo issue that looks like it could entail surgery.  We'll be seeing Dr. Fred (the v.e.t.) asap, and maybe taking a quick trip to the OSU v.e.t. hospital, if necessary.  From the looks of it, I'd say I should go ahead and pack a bag.  :-(  

Therefore, there will be very little blog posting, blog reading, stitching, etc. until we get things back to the normal chaos level.

Happy stitching friends!

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