Saturday, April 2, 2011

Stitchers Day Out

Despite below normal temps, I enjoyed a perfectly lovely day with my stitchy BFFs at our annual Stitchers Day Out today. 

I even managed to almost finish a La-D-Da freebie that has been patiently waiting for years.

In memory of my grandmother Rose

Although the color palette is gorgeous, I'm somehow less than pleased with how this turned out, so I may be donating it to the greeting card fundraiser.

And, thanks to a great suggestion from a chapter sister, I'll be trying to figure how to build a little black hat around my white rabbit for my contribution to the SAS 2011 teacup auction.  The theme is "Stitching in the Magic City" and my little white rabbit is supposed to represent the 'rabbit in the hat' magic trick. 

Overall - a VERY productive, friend filled day.  Hope you are having a great weekend wherever you may be.


  1. I think that your piece came out wonderful. Very pretty colors.

  2. LOVE your progress on that great La-D-Da freebie!