Saturday, March 26, 2011


More greeting cards for chapter fundraiser to share.  Just in case you are wondering how I am turning out these cards so quickly, it is NOT because I'm stitching that fast.  I'm using bits and pieces of old stitched things to make these cards.

It really is a wonderful feeling to turn those odds and ends snippets I have lying around into something with a purpose!  I'm very hopeful that all of the cards our chapter creates will be well received and the fundraiser will be a success!

Assisi birds border in Florimell variegated silk

Blackwork pineapple in WDW "Honeysuckle"

Thanks for dropping by!  Your comments always brighten my day.


  1. Great cards! Congrats on finding a way to use those small pieces of stitching that would otherwise be in a drawer.

    And LOVE your new signature!

  2. I think that is a wonderful way to use up small pieces of stitching.