Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No good deed goes unpunished

Have I told you that a young girl at work asked me to teach her how to stitch?  She explained that she wanted to make a Christmas stocking for her son.  Isn't it like the most exciting feeling in the world when someone approaches you to share your passion for needlework?  I can vividly recall how I felt each time an acquaintance asked me to teach them.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that it makes me feel like those people who answer the doorbell and see the Publishers Clearinghouse van, balloons, and giant check.  I have those screaming, babbling crazy people jumping up and down in my head whenever I hear the words, "Would you teach me how to stitch?"

Well.  I tried to keep the crazy people subdued long enough to get my current student totally hooked.  I reviewed all my Christmas books, selected about 10 for her to take home and study.  She selected a very good classic, yet beginners stocking. One she should enjoy using for many years.  She's a smart girl so I decided to start her out stitching "over two" on evenweave.  She took to it like a duck to water.  I was so proud.  I watched her take her stitching bag to the break room like clockwork for her morning break, lunch break and afternoon break.  She always asked me to join and I always said, I'll be right there.   Famous last words.  Most of the time, by the time I was free, her break was over.  I did manage to arrange a few long lunches in order to show her how to use blending filament, attach seed beads, alter a design to suit her purpose, and share with her a few duplicate freebies I had stashed. 

Every morning as she walked by my desk, she'd give me the progress briefing, always with a big smile.  I'd make a point to cruise by her desk at some point every day so I could peak at her progress.  Then, one day, when I walked by her desk, she didn't have the stocking.  She had new, stitch-less fabric, stretched on a brand spanking new set of Q-Snaps.  "What's this?" I said.  Sheepishly, she said, "O that?  I'm going to need your help later today.  I'm starting something new".  Very concerned for the safety of the stocking (due to all the blending filament cursing and growling), I inquired...."What happened?" 

Much too perky, she responded:  Nothing bad.  I just want to do this other thing for so-and-so for Valentine's Day.  And besides, I have all kinds of time before Christmas. OH!  By the way, I went to your stitching store over the weekend and found this other thing I want to do for my Mom.  It's really pretty and has all kinds of stitches in it that I've never seen before, so you'll need to help me with it too.  Her birthday is in May.  I've got time to get it done, right?  And!  Have you ever seen those overdyed threads?  They are gorgeous!"

So, it was official.  She had earned her BAP/UFO/WIP and flosstitute and underestimation badges, all in one week.  Bless her heart - it was like I was having a conversation with my 25 year old self. 

I just smiled and said, "I'm sure you will". 

So, she's stitching three times a day plus evenings.  I'm joining her for about 20 minutes a week.   I had the same project in my stash (all kitted up) that she picked out for her mom, so we are having our own Stitch-Along.  It's killing me to try to stay ahead of her so I have to throw a gorgeous freebie at her every so often to distract her!  It's like tossing a wounded zebra to a lion.  Is that so wrong? 

She called me on it after (about the third time), so she knows my game, but she's lovin' every minute of it.  So am I.  I just wish I was getting as much stitched as she is!  I must admit, when she finished up a gorgeous Valentine's heart shaped sampler that I've been dying to stitch for like, EVER, I was a wee bit green.  Then I tried to steal it.  Then I tried to guilt her out of it.  But, nothing worked.  :-(

Here is the project "we" are stitching at the moment:

Not much progress to show: 

It only calls for two variegated threads, ecru perle cotton and one shade of DMC.  I love patterns that maximize the use of just a few colors.  The simplicity appeals to me.

So, I'm off now to finish Y and Z.  Maybe I'll get a little more of the perle cotton satin stitched inner border done too. 

Sweet dreams, my friends.


  1. Bless her heart... This post cracked me up! Sounds like you two are having so much fun!

  2. I got such a good laugh regarding this post - esp. the underestimation badge.... been there sooo many times.

    I am so glad that you have started another stitcher on her way!