Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Retreat Report (pictures added)

Nothing like a little three day stitching retreat to reset your compass. 

Amazingly enough, I was the first to arrive on Friday around noon.  After quickly unpacking and setting up my stitching area, I anxiously awaited my friends arrival.  It was not long before everyone began to stream in.  It is so much fun greeting each one as they come through the doors.  You'd think we only see each other twice a year!  Each and every one is happy, really happy, to be there and happy that you are there too!  It's a wonderful feeling to hug and be hugged, with such love behind each hug.  We are all drunk on joy juice just to be there.

After a quick trip to the antique shop and grocery store for supplies, I stitched all afternoon and evening on my Christmas slipper set.  Turned in early, around 1:00ish.  Sleep like a log.

Antique finds:  Fenton hobnail glassware and tatted edge Irish linen napkin

Saturday - up and at it fairly early, eager to get back on my slipper set.  It was a gorgeous morning followed by a perfect-weather day so I had to take a couple of healthy walks around the conference center lake with the camera or I might have gotten a little more stitching accomplished. 

Finished Part 3 of 5 and decided it was a good time to start my black and white Promise Piece.  Much to my dismay, when I opened the tube of black fabric and unrolled it, SOMEBODY had already been into it and I didn't have enough fabric to begin my piece.  Don't cry for me Argentina.  I was only slightly disappointed since I was in the mood to move on to Part 4 of my set.  I did manage to stitch a sample Ironwork motif on the remnant just to see how the white floche floss would get along with the Monoco black.  I like!

A stroke of luck hit my "Not-a-Box" when the extraordinary Miss Anna pulled out a piece of green marblized fabric that might even be more perfect than the multi-colored marblized fabric I bought for it. 

We traded half my multi-colored piece for half her green piece.  Now, we have options people!  Danger Danger.

We stitched into the wee hours and I nearly finished Part 4. 

Parts 1-4

A late night thunderstorm made for fabulous sleeping conditions.  Lights out around 2:45.  Again, I slept like a rock.

Sunday - enjoyed a lazy morning.  Cleaned up, checked out, ate lunch and said our goodbyes while slipping in those last few stitches.  We parted company around 3 pm, already looking forward to October.

We've decided that the only thing we were missing was a 'cabana boy' to fetch our drinks and snacks from the kitchen, massage our hands and necks, do our ironing, adjust the theromstat, and do the back stitching.  Maybe next year.

I feel relaxed, recharged and ready for the work week more stitching. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, hubby kept busy all weekend on a "little" tile repair in our shower. 


Hope you all had an equally rewarding weekend!


  1. Sounds like such a wonderful weekend. Look forward to seeing your pictures :-)

  2. I am going to attend! I am going to attend! I am going to attend! Y'all always have such a great time and bring back wonderful stitching stories. Thanks for sharing. BTW - is the shower finished? Liz