Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Define "Retreat"

  • To withdraw or remove oneself from the ordinary surroundings
  • To sleep or not to sleep, whenever and as late as necessary
  • To stitch, non-stop or not at all
  • To relax
  • To breathe
  • To be
Since I'm not off vacationing in far flung places as I had originally planned to be this month (don't ask),

I've cleared my schedule and am heading North just a couple of hours to a guild sponsored three day weekend retreat.  It is not a class oriented retreat, like so many I've drooled over online.  It is however precisely what I need right now - an honest to goodness R.E.T.R.E.A.T, with emphasis on the 'treat'.  Just a bunch of us girls, doing what we do best when we gather together.  Need I say more?  (click on Retreat in the left sidebar to read more about this wonderful weekend with my stitching friends)

So, since I've given myself such short notice, I need to make my stitching selections quick.

I won't take any of the Christmas favors I've been working on since I don't want to spoil any surprises. 

I do think I will take my promise piece to start.  It's a very pretty blackwork (kind-of) piece called "Ironwork of New Orleans 1". 

Instead of stitching black on white though, I think I will try white on black fabric and see how that strikes me.  Last time I stitched on black I had to check into the Betty Ford clinic for the Stitching Insane for a month!  We'll see how long I'm able to hang with this one before I switch it to black on white.

I MUST work on my GPA Christmas Stitching set a bit because I really really want to finish this by Christmas this year.  Plus, it's been at the top of my WIP list for a looooonnnnnng time.  It's down right depressing to never see any movement on my WIPs in Progress list. 

It's just the most darling little slipper when it's all said and done.  When I just pulled it out to have a look at where I left off, I imaged I had much more done than I actually have done.  If only dream stitching could be translated into real life!

It's my custom to work on a peacock at retreat on Saturday but I'm going to have to break with tradition this year.  These two pieces alone will give me hours of stitching pleasure and if I'm a good girl, I could actually bring the Christmas set home ready to be assembled!  Wouldn't that be exciting!

I think I'll take 'The Box That Is Not A Box' and my sunroom pillows to-be, just so I can talk about them. Maybe one of the ladies will have an idea or two for me. 

Until next time friends, here's hoping you are loving your current project and planning your next.


  1. have fun
    dont get cross eyed witht the white on black- wishing you all the good there

    it is not white on black but just stitching with white period drives me nuts

    again---- have fun

  2. good rest and retreat to you my dear. I'm sorry your other vacation didn't work out but you get an A+ for adaptability and making the best of a situation!

  3. Enjoy your retreat... sounds like great fun.

  4. Yea-a-a!! Retreat!!