Sunday, May 30, 2010

Morning Vista

from this morning's dog walk

As if the sun coming through the trees weren't enough, the scent of honeysuckle was intoxicating.  It reminded me of a really expensive perfume that can captivate you without overwhelming you. 

All this set to the enchanting morning songs of the birds of the woods.

I love the beauty of my simple surroundings.

Speaking of beauty, I filled the hummingbird feeder yesterday and this morning, while I was potting plants in the planter below the feeder, the most spectacular ruby-throated hummingbird came for a drink.  It was about a foot away from me.  I've seen many a hummingbird, but the coloration on this one was amazing.  It looked like it had been dipped in technocolor paints.  If I'm really patient and really lucky, I might be able to capture a snap of this little guy some Saturday morning when I can stake out the feeder.


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  1. I could sit and watch the hummingbirds at the feeder and the flowers all day. The colors are amazing.